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Is It Time to Carve Turkey Out of NATO?

Erdogan's increasingly authoritarian rule and divergent interests are proving a huge problem.

By DOUG BANDOW • Published: May 24, 2018

Erdogan and NATORecep Tayyip Erdogan CreativeCommons/Flickr

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan hopes to renew his hold on power in elections next month. His authority is not yet absolute: a judge recently ordered the release of several journalists convicted on dubious terrorism charges. Although they are now free on appeal, few observers believe they will ultimately prevail in a judicial system dominated by Erdogan.

Since the attempted coup in July 2016, the government has arrested around 160,000 people, imprisoned an estimated 50,000, and tossed another 152,000 public employees from their jobs. Many of the latter are effectively unemployable, denied government work while private employers are afraid to hire them. Substantial numbers of Turks have lost jobs at private companies responding to government pressure.

Among those arrested was Taner Kilic, the Turkey chair of Amnesty International. Journalists also have endured Erdogan’s wrath: 300 have been detained and 160 have been tried so far. Personal assets and entire businesses have been confiscated, and more than 1,500 non-governmental organizations have been shut down, mostly for alleged terrorist offenses.

Turkey’s tilt toward dictatorship does not make it unique among America’s allies. At least the Turkish government still holds elections that allow some genuine opposition. In fact, Erdogan advanced the presidential and parliamentary elections from 2019 to June 24 to improve his chances, though few imagine him losing.

However, Turkey’s political environment is still far from free. Human Rights Watch pointed out that last year’s constitutional referendum, which barely passed, was conducted “in an environment of heavy media censorship, with many journalists and parliamentarians from the pro-Kurdish opposition in jail.” Last month the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein urged the end of the state of emergency. He observed: “It is difficult to imagine how credible elections can be held in an environment where dissenting views and challenges to the ruling party are penalized so severely.”

More serious for Washington, Ankara no longer is a true U.S. ally. Turkey’s activities increasingly inhibit important American international objectives and are inconsistent with its membership in NATO.

Another SIGN of just how close we are to Christ's Return.  Bible Prophecy has long shown that Turkey will never be a member of the EU and will withdraw from NATO as the Bible reveals that Turkey will have a close relationship with Russia in the lead up to mans final conflict and the return of Christ.  So keep watching this development with Turkey as she moves closer in her ties to Russia. Based on Bible Prophecy Turkey will be with Russia and Europe when they invade the Middle East as described in Ezekiel 38.   We fully expect to see Russia become more closely linked to Europe militarily whereby Russia will become a "guard" unto the European Nations according to Ezekiel 38:7. 

Also Ezekiel 38:6 says that "Gomer (France), and all his bands; the house of Togarmah (Turkey) of the north quarters, and all his bands: and many people with thee."

So somehow Turkey will be involved with Russia and it's Army and the move into the Middle East.

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