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EU WON'T BACK UK! Brussels will support Russia for THIS shocking reason, says Tory MP

EU backs RussiaBRITAIN cannot rely on the European Union for support in standing up to Russia because its solidarity has been undermined by Vladimir Putin, a Conservative MP and Foreign Affairs Committee member has warned.

By SIMON OSBORNE  PUBLISHED: 16:09, Wed, Aug 22, 2018

Robert Seely said the UK would struggle to get a united response from EU member states while Mr Putin plays one off against the other in his bid to weaken Brussels and NATO and strengthen Russia’s sphere of influence in eastern Europe.

The Isle of Wight MP said Mr Putin’s campaign to bully some nations while investing in others may result in splitting Europe.

If Russia threatens NATO members in eastern Europe, those nations in southern or central Europe could refuse to support them, he said.

Writing in the Daily Telegraph, he said: “One of the great issues for our generation is how free societies deal with authoritarian states and how those states, notably Russia and China, use the freedoms of open societies to undermine them.

We should welcome the stance of our new Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, on Vladimir Putin’s antagonistic regime - Robert Seely

“Putin’s United Russia party is allied to two former fringe groups which are now in power in both Austria and Italy.

“He is forging closer ties with Greece, Hungary and Turkey. Russian money – dirty or otherwise – is a highly significant force in Cyprus. Russian loans have been used by the French Front National.

“Russia has supported anti-EU politicians in the EU Parliament on both the Left and Right fringes. Yet the Baltic republics feel threatened by the Kremlin.

“Sweden and Finland have increased defence budgets or produced mass mobilisation plans. Russia appears to be rearming Bosnian Serbs, possibly for a ‘managed conflict’ in the Balkans.”

Bible Prophecy teaches that the European Union will become more and more influenced by Russia. Together they will become what the Bible terms as the King of the North and they will increasingly fail to support Britain and Amercia in their efforts to keep Russia in check.  This latest development following the use of chemical weapons in beach of International Law by Syria shows how the EU and Germany increasingly resist to join America and Britain in standing up to Putin and Russia.

The EU will become a SUPERSTATE with a dominant FEDERAL GOVERNMENT described in the Bible as a Beast System due to its amalgamation of different countries and peoples into one State with one Voice.  Along with this development we expect to see RUSSIA become more involved in Europe with links to a combined army.  Again it's interesting that they see the development of a EU Army as an important next step.This EU SUPERSTATE will along with Russia enter into a final conflict with Israel and the Middle East.  Germany is the key country in what Bible Prophecy refers to as the land of "Magog". 

The Land of MagogThey are spoken of militarily as the "King of the North".  Together the Bible says that Russia and the EU will invade the Middle East in the Last Days.  So Bible Students expect to see Germany and France taking a greater role in leading Europe.  It is also interesting to see Germany taking greater control of a continent they tried to take by war and failed.

Yet again we see in Todays News Headlines words that show how the Nations are fulfilling the latter day alignment of Nations as Prophesied by the Bible. 

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