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Turkey’s Erdoğan sticks with Putin, defies U.S.

By Dimitar Bechev Published: Apr 10 2019

Turkeys Erdoğan sticks with PutinAnother month, another meeting between Erdoğan and Putin.

We have grown accustomed to this double act. From Syria, to Europe’s energy geopolitics, to what pundits label “the rise of illiberalism”, the two strongmen roll on and on, to the consternation of European Union and U.S. policymakers.

Monday’s summit in Moscow gave Erdoğan an opportunity to strike a defiant pose vis-à-vis America. He declared, for the umpteenth time, that Turkey’s purchase of Russia’s S-400 missile defence system was a done deal and there was no going back.

The U.S. decision to punish Turkey by stopping delivery of F-35 fighter jet components and the looming prospect of Ankara being expelled from the multinational consortium involved in the development of the advanced aircraft have failed to dent Erdoğan’s resolve to see the delivery through. In fact, on Tuesday he said that the planned July delivery of the S-400 could be brought forward.  

Turkey is sticking to its guns, arguing that the S-400 system will not compromise NATO’s cohesion or allow Russia to collect intelligence on the F-35, as they will not be integrated into the alliance’s air defences. Needless to say, this line does not fly with U.S. Congress (pun intended).

“Turkey is an important partner in the F-35 programme, but it is not irreplaceable,” leaders of the Senate’s Armed Services and Foreign Relations committees warned in New York Times op-ed urging Erdoğan to choose between Russia and NATO. Their message: do not rely on cutting a deal directly with U.S. President Donald Trump, because we can stop that.  

In the meantime, Putin is doing what he does best: fanning the flames. At a joint press conference with Erdoğan he touted the prospect of deepening defence cooperation with Turkey through further deliveries of military equipment and even joint production. The latter of course, is music to Ankara’s ears as it wanted badly, and failed, to make Russia transfer technology in exchange for the S-400 contract.

Another SIGN of just how close we are to Christ's Return.  Bible Prophecy has long shown that Turkey will never be a member of the EU and will withdraw from NATO as the Bible reveals that Turkey will have a close relationship with Russia in the lead up to mans final conflict and the return of Christ.  So keep watching this development with Turkey as she moves closer in her ties to Russia. Based on Bible Prophecy Turkey will be with Russia and Europe when they invade the Middle East as described in Ezekiel 38.   We fully expect to see Russia become more closely linked to Europe militarily whereby Russia will become a "guard" unto the European Nations according to Ezekiel 38:7. 

Also Ezekiel 38:6 says that "Gomer (France), and all his bands; the house of Togarmah (Turkey) of the north quarters, and all his bands: and many people with thee."

So somehow Turkey will be involved with Russia and it's Army and the move into the Middle East.

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