Which Bible or Church do I Believe???


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Which Bible or Church do I Believe???

One Bible Many Churches, Why?

There is one Bible. Surely this is manifestly true. Of course there are several versions and many translations -- but one Bible, whether the language is eastern or western, ancient or modern. The text is not open to alteration in order to bring it into harmony with this point of view or that. There are hundreds of scholars quick to detect any interference with the book. Thousands of pens are poised ready to indict any attempt to meddle with the words. The Bible is unique, using the word in its proper sense -- there is one Bible. In every nation it is the same and the Bible’s unity is intact.

That there are many Churches seems equally self evident. There are some who say that there are many names but the church is one. This is a verbal device to hide the divisions. The different names do stand for different causes. True, they are alike in some respects but the differences are real enough. There is a difference of teaching between one church and another, and sometimes the difference is very substantial, even fundamental. Then sometimes within the same church there are ideas and practices which contradict each other. In any case the effect speaks for itself -- somebody seeking to find the true church is puzzled and perplexed and forced to cry at last that they cannot make up their mind when faced with so many different churches clustered around one Bible. The problem is intensified by the fact that the differing churches all claim to have based their teaching on the one Bible. How has this situation arisen?

How can you come to know the TRUTH?

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